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Turning 50
WHEN: Thursday 9 June, 7:30pm
WHERE: Brown's Mart
COST: $30

At 50th birthdays it’s traditional that someone give a speech. Or many someones, depending on how big of a party we’re talking. Embarrassing and jovial reminiscences, tearful accounts of adventures and dreams fulfilled, or put on hold.

Buildings hold a lot of stories too - and buildings made for SHARING stories hold even more. So, for Brown’s Mart’s 50th we thought we’d ask a few people if they had a story to tell. Turns out they did, and they might not be what you’d expect.

Take a trip down memory lane with us as we celebrate 50 years of storytelling at Brown’s Mart with this very special SPUN in our beautiful courtyard under the stars.

Cretive Producer


Storyteller Bong Ramillo - Here we go Again

Story Producer Alyson Evans


Storyteller Sally Gearin - The case that transformed me

Story Producer Kate Wyvil

Storyteller Therese Ritchie - 50/50
Story Producer Nicky Fearn

Storyteller Emcille - At the end of the day, I'm still that mermaid from Escalante

Story Producer Kuya James

Storyteller Ritchard Fejo - Larrakia Reflections

Story Producer Lisa Pellegrino

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