Dr Bo Remenyi.jpg

Dr Bo Remenyi is a paediatric cardiologist fighting heart disease in remote Australia. Bo arrived in Australia, from communist Hungary, as a teenager with no English language skills but big dreams and a steely determination to achieve her goals, no matter what! 

Aunty Kathy Mills.jpg

Aunty Kathy is a Kungarakung/Gurindji woman and a powerful community leader, singer, poet and activist. Her story includes a poem she wrote about the first time she laid eyes on her future husband and a song performed by her daughter Ali Mills about her father Millsie.

Jane Alia.jpg

Jane was trapped in a state of helplessness as she watched the heartbeat of one of her young patients stop. Watching this life-or-death battle reminded her of her own struggles as a child in a refugee camp in Uganda. It was a long journey home but one she is thankful for. 

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