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WHEN: Sunday 27 August, 7:00pm
WHERE: The Lighthouse, Festival Park
COST: $45

Without previous instance; never before known or experienced; unexampled or unparalleled.


Each storyteller at SPUN tonight explores the unprecedented theme in their own unique way, sharing remarkable truths about their past and the journey they have navigated to be where they are today. Walk with them on the path less travelled as they disclose stories of reconnection, resilience, discovery, determination and diving headfirst into the unknown…

Creative Producer


Storyteller Dr Eileen Cummings - A MOTHER’S LOVE

Story Producer Ursula Raymond


Storyteller Sajarn Stow - THE ART OF KNOWING

Story Producer Lisa Pellegrino

Storyteller Maari Gray - THE CIRCLE OF LIFE
Story Producer Alyson Evans

Storyteller Minoli De Silva - UNDER THE KNIFE

Story Producer Michaela Vaughan

Presenting Partners:
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